Chimney Liners

chimney liners

Are bricks and mortar not getting the job done?

If you are looking for an East Lothian chimney lining expert to repair or renew your chimney lining, Complete Chimneys is here to help. We can install a flexible, stainless steel tube and run it from the top of your chimney to the fireplace for:

  • Invisible protection for your home and chimney
  • Protection that will outlast brick and mortar alone
  • Wood-burning stoves and other solid fuel burners

The benefits of chimney liner installation include:

  • Removal of rough surfaces and airflow pockets
  • Increased air pull for your chimney
  • Gas-tight leakage elimination
  • Cleaner air and increased chimney efficiency

Call us today on 0131 665 6113 to have a chimney lining expert conduct a free initial survey.