Chimney Pot & Cowl Installation & Replacement

We offer a wide range of chimney maintenance services, including pot and cowl installations and replacements. All components fitted are high-quality and will be sourced from reputable manufacturers at competitive prices. As well as this, you can rely on us for professional workmanship as our team have many years of combined industry experience!

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Chimney Pot & Cowl Fitting

We provide chimney pot and cowl fitting for properties throughout Devon and Somerset. Both cowls and pots are designed to protect your chimney from birds, vermin and debris, while also stopping the wind from blowing the smoke back into your property. They come in a range of materials so you can choose what best suits your home. Our team can expertly install these important parts of your roof and we offer quick turnaround times for every job we undertake.

Our installations will give your chimney the protection it needs to ensure the system remains weatherproof and free from debris. Get in touch with us now to book our local services.

Professional Chimney Maintenance

If your pot or cowl has become damaged, give us a call for a speedy replacement service. We can visit your property at your earliest available time to inspect your chimney and determine whether a replacement is needed.

Contact Complete Chimneys

If you need our expert maintenance services, please get in touch. We are available 24/7 for emergency repairs and all work will be completed to the latest building regulations.

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